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ZIGO sign-What role has the signage system brought to people?

The function of the navigation system is recognition and indication, which has two layers of meaning: the first layer is the actual indication meaning, indicating the movement of the place, direction, road, and behavior, such as the entrance of the place, bathroom, parking lot, etc; The other layer is the psychological recognition of the pathfinder, which means that the form, shape, texture, and placement of the navigation system design should reflect the cultural or regional context. According to the first layer of communication function, we can divide the design of navigation systems into five types: identification, direction, space, explanation, and limitation.

Design of Space Navigation System

Space navigation system design refers to the design of representing positional relationships visually or tactilely through maps or graphics. It is based on comprehensive guidance, allowing users to selectively utilize spatial location information while grasping the overall structure, guiding users to achieve the design of the destination.

Explanation of Navigation System Design

The guidance system generally appears in environments that are prone to ambiguity, or in designs that require clarification of the situation, executing the manager's intention and the functionality of the facility content. In order to more accurately explain differences or situations, such guidance system designs are mostly presented in the form of articles.

Design of identification and guidance system

The design of the identification guidance system represents the design of where this is or what it is, mainly including the design aimed at differentiation. For example, landmark buildings, murals, sculptures, bathrooms, and parking lots.

Design of directional guidance system

The design of directional guidance system mainly refers to the design of route signs that guide to specific places and facilities through arrow and other directional information. This type of design aims to guide the direction of traffic and is suitable for situations where the destination is directly guided. For example, road signs, signs, and arrows.

Design of Management Navigation System

The design of management guidance system refers to the design aimed at reminding laws and administrative rules. Generally, it mainly represents the items that require attention, and performs the function of urging people to pay attention to action safety and comply with order.

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