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ZIGO sign-The functions of the commercial street signage system

The commercial street signage and guidance system is established based on guiding pedestrian routes in commercial streets, facilitating the smooth and convenient search for destinations. The scientific and reasonable planning and design of the signage system plays an important role in the division and utilization of commercial space and people's psychological needs.

The function of the commercial street signage system is to use scientific and reasonable technology and artistic techniques, through discussions on applicability and effectiveness, to maximize the use of commercial space, invent a highly functional environmental visual identification system, meet people's behavior and psychological needs in the commercial environment, and guide people, including the elderly, disabled, and visually impaired, to walk smoothly on the streets, buildings, and various shopping Leisure and other places. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the construction of the commercial street signage system obtains correct and effective information and identification functions in a scientific and reasonable manner.

As a subsystem of the urban image system, the function of the commercial street signage system is also to promote the physical quality of the commercial environment, provide a warm and orderly shopping, leisure and leisure environment in accordance with aesthetic standards, so as to balance the body and mind, mediate the mind, develop the mind, and unleash spirituality.

Based on the above analysis, we can summarize its functions in the following aspects:

1. Guidance

The environmental space of a commercial street is mainly composed of buildings with commercial properties as the main body and the environment or areas connected to the buildings, such as department stores, specialty stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, leisure squares, food blocks, etc. It also includes exhibition halls, art galleries, museums, and various performance buildings with cultural properties as the main body. Various visual guidance signs have guiding functions. In such a complex business environment, people's behavior mainly manifests in aspects such as consumption, shopping, sightseeing, rest, transportation, communication, culture, entertainment, etc., and the identification system undoubtedly plays an extremely important guiding and guiding role. A safe, orderly, convenient, and efficient signage system is an important medium for connecting the environment and behavior. Its primary task is to quickly and clearly transmit information, making it easy for users to make accurate and quick judgments and deal with many problems in action. Therefore, guidance is the main function of the commercial street signage system.

2. Demandability

Generally speaking, commercial streets are located in bustling areas, and a large number of industry and brand logos are also included in the signage system. These types of logos have more inherent endorsement functions and have the function of representing the meaning of a certain place or expressing the content, nature, and characteristics of a certain thing. Industry and brand logos not only have recognizability, but also have deeper commercial appeal connotations. Therefore, when the product name and trademark are set up in a specific environmental space and detailed guidance equipment, the public will understand the brand information through the cognitive role of the logo, enhance purchasing confidence, and improve the sense of satisfaction when using it. For enterprises, this kind of identification can also increase various values, such as cultivating consumer brand loyalty to encourage repeat purchasing behavior; Or strengthen brand quality, provide competitive advantages, etc.

3. Indicative nature

The world today is characterized by economic integration, mutual infiltration of communication, and diverse information dissemination. Various expos, economic negotiations, regional forums, commodity exhibitions, international cultural festivals, art festivals, and Olympic Games are countless, and are full of problems that engulf the urban environment, becoming a problem that the public has to face. Whenever a meeting or competition is held, various badges, flags, badges, as well as billboards, posters, etc., will be manufactured into guiding signs and presented in a timely manner in the bustling areas of the commercial street, becoming clear signs for people to recognize and understand information, with clear indication and endorsement.

4. Meaningfulness

The significance of the commercial street signage system mainly refers to the significant functions of signage in beautifying the urban environment, strengthening the physical nature of the place, and highlighting the cultural connotations of specific environments, while serving as a guide, appeal, and indication. Iconic buildings, environmental equipment, and public art with landscape effects clearly demonstrate this symbolic feature. Due to its clear artistic concept and intense personalized design features, it not only showcases its unique effectiveness and artistic charm, but also plays an irreplaceable role in guiding identification that ordinary signage cannot replace.

In fact, as a type of business environment identification, it mostly serves as a guiding and referential function, while also having visual and symbolic significance. They play a very important and significant role in providing people with information for transmission and cognition, promoting communication between people, people and things, people and the environment, improving the quality of the environment, and enhancing urban image.