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ZIGO sign-What identification signs need to be designed for a complete school signage and guidance system?

As a part of the school's public environment, the campus guidance system is not only designed as a signage system to distinguish places, provide explanations and precautions, but also to integrate the campus cultural spirit, find the integration point of campus landscape culture and art with guidance design, place the guidance system in the entire campus landscape design, form a unique image logo, and shape a distinctive campus cultural atmosphere. So what identification signs do we need to design for a complete school signage and guidance system?

1. Design of Classroom Name Signage

The names used to identify various teaching, course research, departments, and offices are the most essential elements of the campus orientation system. The style of classroom name signs is mainly simple, elegant, bright and beautiful. From the production process, they can be divided into several types: film pasting, corrosion, silk screen printing, and baking paint. From the installation process, they can be divided into wall pasting, vertical, and hanging.

2. Display Window and Propaganda Column Logo Design

Showcases and bulletin boards are a beautiful scenery on campus. They are a garden for communication, exchange of information, and academic exploration between students and teachers and students. Through them, we can not only announce the school's policies and guidelines, but also call for various activities. Through them, students can exhibit excellent works, vent their passionate youth, praise progressive ideas and figures, and punish and criticize backward individuals and ideas. Because their content requires frequent changes and stands in various places on campus, convenience, aesthetics, and diversity are the basic requirements for them. Only in this way can they integrate with the building facilities of the entire campus and jointly create a harmonious and comfortable cultural atmosphere.

3. Design of building identification signs

The name used to indicate the identification of office buildings, teaching buildings, experimental buildings, and other buildings. Nowadays, major universities and departments have their own offices, teaching buildings, and experimental buildings, as well as some comprehensive buildings. For freshmen, teachers, and outsiders, finding their destination on such a large campus can indeed be quite challenging. With the design of building signs and signs, combined with the school's overall index map, one can easily follow the map and find the place they want to go.

4. Floor sign design

The floor plate is used to indicate the floor number, which is an indispensable part of the entire guidance system. The index boards on campus are divided into general index boards and floor index boards. The overall index board provides a detailed description of the campus layout and the distribution of building clusters. The floor index board clearly identifies the names, room numbers, and floor numbers of each teaching, research, department, and office in this building, giving teachers and students an overall impression of the layout of this building.

5. Other signage design

Public welfare slogans, class schedule signs, functional signs such as boiling water rooms and restrooms, channel diversion hanging signs, public safety signs, campus traffic signs, warning signs, etc. are also commonly used signs on campus. Without them, the entire campus orientation system is definitely not a complete system.

Do you now understand what signage needs to be designed for a complete school signage and guidance system? If you are interested in the design, production, and installation of signage, you can continue to follow the ZIGO sign official website or call directly for consultation.