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Five design principles of tourist spot signage

  The main function of tourist spot signage is to help tourists visit the whole scenic spot smoothly, and increase the visual attraction of a certain scene through the design of the sign, while providing convenience and protecting the safety of tourists. Therefore, the following principles should be paid attention to when designing the entire tourist spot signage.


  According to the environment of the tourist scenic spot and the sight distance of the observer, the size, color and form of different signs are designed, and the importance of the information content is graded.


  When designing tourist spot signage, it should be designed according to the functional zoning of tourist scenic spots, the purpose of use, the scope of application, etc., deeply understand the function of the sign plate, and consider all the sign information comprehensively.


  When designing tourist spot signage, the information should be complete and easy to understand, accurate and obvious, at a glance.


  The logo system in the same tourist attraction should be unified in positioning, form of expression, etc., and the same style of design should be used as far as possible in the scenic spot.


  International graphic symbols should be used extensively in the identification system of tourist public facilities to facilitate the identification of tourists.