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ZIGO sign-What issues should be noted in the design of professional guidance signs?

The importance of signage is well-known and recognized by the people. The concise, clear, and accurate guidance function enables people to reach the desired location more efficiently and accurately.

Excellent signage, creative design, material craftsmanship, and effective integration with the spatial environment, maximize the functionality of the signage while not causing damage to the overall environment.

To scientifically design the visual process of the eyeball and understand human behavior habits in accordance with scientific correctness is the condition and prerequisite for constructing guidance design. Scientifically designing symbols, text, colors, and materials effectively is a fundamental prerequisite for guidance. The effective dissemination of guidance information depends on the design of guidance information. Whether the audience can receive the most direct information and the designer's design process are key links. The language on the signboard is accurate, so that the audience can accurately understand the information.

The design and guidance of the signage guidance system need to reflect two principles

1.Coordination consistency

The guidance system should be coordinated and consistent with the surrounding environment, making it the main body of a unified image. In a complete navigation system, the image, graphics, style, font, color, and even installation should all be consistent in style, so as to efficiently promote the unity of the corporate image. Uniformity is not only limited to design style, but also includes the selection of materials. In today's world where materials are constantly changing, light technology and projector effects are also a new means of utilizing the visual effects generated by the surrounding environment's lighting and spatial distance. Although electricity consumption is a cost calculation and relatively high, many companies keep up with the times in their designs, and this new technology has also been widely applied.

2.Humanistic care

The purpose of design is to provide a scientific form of life for the general public, and to reflect humanistic care for them. The design of a good guidance system for humanistic care should be a key consideration. Taking into account the changes in human visual, physical, and psychological aspects in design, and meeting the needs of most people, is the best design. There are many aspects to consider in the design of certain special groups, such as auditory guidance systems, tactile guidance systems, etc. Generally speaking, there are three design techniques for guiding signs: geometric simplicity, concrete form, and abstract symbol. The selection of techniques should be based on the region and the intended function to be expressed.