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Signage in schools How do you design?

  Basically all public areas will have different signage, signage standardized people's life, so how to do the design of signage in schools?


       First, the readability principle

  The installation position of signage in schools is not placed on the important intersection node of the flow of people, it is difficult to attract the attention of teachers and students, and many times these signs are regarded as a decoration, resulting in the loss of the role of these signs.

  Second, the principle of non-ambiguity

  The design of schools must be strictly standardized, and the directions of each route and teaching building must be clear. Many new students enter the school through these signs to distinguish the direction. Therefore, according to the content of the logo, it must be clear and convenient for users to identify.

  Third, the principle of simplicity

  School is a place of learning, if the number of signs is too large, then it will cause the environment is not beautiful, so in the establishment of signs when the number should be as streamlined as possible, of course, not to say that the less the better.

  The principle of continuity

  For example, the first guide card and the second guide card continuity is able to indicate the same place, rather than to the fork in the road directly can not distinguish the direction.

  signage in schools Some considerations