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Signage for hotels What are the categories

  Signage is simply a sign with words or patterns. To be specific, it can be defined as being in a different space-time environment. Different areas, adopt vertical, hanging, hanging, sticking and other installation methods have a certain production standard of diversified texture through the text to express the orientation function or information function of the brand.signage for hotels has a wide variety of varieties, with the characteristics of medium and high-end signs. It can be divided into the following categories.

  1.signage for hotels According to material points, there are wood brand (solid wood, imitation wood) metal brand (copper, iron. Aluminum, tin, titanium, stainless steel) Plastic brand (yes. Machine glass, polyester, ABS.PC acrylic. PIC polyester, etc.) mixed plate (a variety of material composite such as: metal and plastic Mosaic, etc.) luminous plate (neon light, LED light source card. Light guide plate).

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  2.signage for hotels by region, there are outdoor signs (hotel nameplate, access signs, advertising signs, neon signs into the household signs (welcome signs, price signs. Clock sign. Room number plate. Floor sign, etc.)

  3.signage for hotels is divided by function, including indicator card, card, badge, key card, etc.

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  4.signage for hotels is marked by craftsmanship. There are etching card, porcelain painting card, electroplating card, screen printing card, engraving card, luminous card, reflective card, touch card, mold casting card, blister card, stamping card, engraving card, sandblasting card, drop plastic. Card, hot (cold) transfer card, etc.

  5.signage for hotels is divided into installation forms, including hanging type, wall type and column type. Mosaic signs, etc.

  What are the details of signage for hotels?

  A few points for making a star-rated signage for hotels