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ZIGO sign-What is metal corrosion process?

At present, the corrosion of stainless steel in the industry is mainly divided into chemical corrosion and electrolytic corrosion. Chemical corrosion still dominates on a large scale because the speed of chemical corrosion is fast. Whether it is chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion, the principle is to cover up areas that do not require corrosion, expose areas that require corrosion, and use different templates to corrode different patterns and texts.

The main process of stainless steel corrosion:

a: Pre treatment (degreasing, polishing, drawing, etc.)

b: Plate making (exposing areas that require corrosion and protecting those that do not require corrosion)

c: Etching (chemical etching or electrolytic etching)

d: Remove the plate (remove the protective film from the non corrosive area)

e: Later stage (light oil protection, application of protective film, etc.)