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What should a high-end hospitality digital signage system have?

Nowadays, everyone's requirements for the hotel are more comprehensive information, and then the intelligent digital identification system is introduced into the operation of the hotel, its timeliness promotes the information communication between the hotel and the guests, intelligent digital signage supports Internet access, just enter the content and select the template to show the information you want, help improve the external image of the hotel, You can also introduce various consumption items and service guides for high-end hotels.

1. Convey hotel facilities and activity information to users, apply hospitality digital signage system to ensure users enjoy a wonderful stay experience, and make it into LED smart display for real-time interaction with users.

2. Guide the user to the direction. Most star-rated hotels are designed in the style of multi-storey buildings. The hospitality digital signage intelligent display can view the hotel overview map and map guidance, and guide the user to the destination in a clear, interactive and eye-catching form.

3. Reduce people's waiting time. While users are waiting, the Star hospitality digital signage screen can be set to display all kinds of eye-catching information or entertainment information, such as real-time social media subscriptions or large hotel event announcements, to achieve the purpose of improving hotel customer satisfaction.

4. As a concierge assistant, the high-end hospitality digital signage system helps users to understand and select hotel facilities and activities. The digital touch screen integrated machine allows users to quickly arrange activities and plays the role of digital concierge service. Interactive high-end hospitality digital signage helps users plan their stay in real time.

5. To ensure the safety of hotel customers, the hospitality digital signage system can also be used as an emergency communication system within the scope of hotel properties. In case of emergency events such as fire, the hospitality digital signage intelligent guidance system can provide users with important instructions immediately. Instruct people to evacuate quickly.

6. Real-time update of life service information. What people are most concerned about during the journey is the daily weather. The digital logo of star-rated hotels enables users to know the weather information and surrounding services in real time anywhere.

The high-end hospitality digital signage system is versatile and customized, and the role of intelligent hotel signage is not only limited to real-time display of information, but actually improves user experience and engagement through digital mode.

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