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Project name:MGM(International Five-star hotel)

Hotel area:57000 square meters

Room Number:321

Service content:deepening design,production,installation

Number of signboards:4381

The entire project cycle:8 months

Deepening the design cycle:2 months

Manufacture cycle:4 months

Installation cycle:2 months

Comprehensive Project Overview: MGM Hotel's Architectural Signage System by ZIGO

ZIGO, a leading expert in signage wayfinding based in China, specializes in the comprehensive development of signage systems for hospitality and commercial establishments globally. The company excels in signage layout deepening design, signage structure deepening design, and provides a full range of services including signage wayfinding system design, manufacture, and installation. With a robust portfolio, ZIGO brings precision and innovative solutions to each project, ensuring clear, aesthetic, and functional signage that enhances the navigational experience in complex environments like international hotels.







Project Scope for MGM Hotel

The MGM Hotel project represents a landmark achievement in architectural signage, crafted by the skilled team at ZIGO. Covering a sprawling 57,000 square meters, the project demanded meticulous planning and execution to meet the high standards expected of a five-star hotel. The scope of work included the deepening design, production, and installation of 4,381 signboards throughout the hotel premises.  

Project Phases

Deepening Design Cycle (2 Months):

ZIGO undertook an intensive two-month signage layout deepening design and signage structure deepening design phase. This phase involved detailed assessments and adaptations of the signage to the architectural nuances of the MGM Hotel, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional utility.

Manufacture Cycle (4 Months):

The manufacturing of the signage was completed over four months, adhering strictly to the high-quality standards set by both ZIGO and MGM. Each sign was crafted with precision, focusing on durability and visibility, crucial for hotel environments.

Installation Cycle (2 Months):

The final phase involved the strategic installation of all 4,381 signboards, which was accomplished in a two-month period. ZIGO's team ensured that each sign was perfectly placed for optimal wayfinding, enhancing guest experience and hotel operations efficiency.

Signage Wayfinding System Design:

ZIGO's approach to the signage wayfinding system design for MGM Hotel involved creating a seamless navigational guide from the point of entry to all key areas of the hotel, including emergency exits, amenities, and guest rooms. The design was centered around intuitive placement and legibility under various lighting conditions.

Signage Wayfinding System Manufacture and Installation:

ZIGO's manufacturing process uses the latest in materials and technology to ensure that the signs withstand the test of time and maintain their visual clarity. The installation process was systematically carried out to minimize disruption to hotel operations, adhering to a meticulously planned schedule that accounted for the vast scale of the MGM property.


The completion of the MGM Hotel’s signage wayfinding project by ZIGO stands as a testament to the company's expertise in transforming a complex environment into a user-friendly space through well-thought-out signage solutions. This project not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the MGM Hotel but also significantly improves its functionality, guiding guests fluidly throughout their stay.

ZIGO continues to set industry standards in signage wayfinding, proving that effective communication through design can profoundly impact the operational success of large-scale hospitality venues. For more information on ZIGO's services or to consult on a future project, please contact their professional team.

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