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Project :CROWNE PLAZA (international Five-star hotel)

Hotel area:130000 square meters

Room Number:329

Service content:deepening design,production,installation

Number of signboards:5986

The entire project cycle:10 months

Deepening the design cycle:3 months

Brand LOGO size:22765mm*5683mm

ZIGO Sign proudly presents its successful collaboration in the realization of the CROWNE PLAZA hotel, a prestigious international five-star establishment located in the bustling core business district of Qinxian Street, Taiyuan City. This monumental project encompasses a sprawling 130,000 square meters, boasting a total of 329 rooms designed in a contemporary Chinese style.

Strategic Location:

Situated strategically in the heart of Taiyuan, the CROWNE PLAZA hotel stands as a beacon of sophistication and cultural fusion. Flanked by the Sunshine International Business Center on the left and the esteemed Sunshine Plaza Wangfujing Shopping Center on the right, this hotel forms the centerpiece of a nearly 130,000 square meter commercial complex. Its presence has undeniably elevated the area, establishing it as a new landmark for both locals and visitors alike.

Comprehensive Service Offerings by ZIGO Sign:

ZIGO Sign took on a comprehensive role in the project, covering deepening design, production, and installation of a staggering 5986 signboards, including the iconic Tower Crown brand logo. The entire project cycle, from conception to completion, spanned a commendable 10 months, showcasing the efficiency and dedication of the ZIGO Sign team.

Deepening Design Expertise:

ZIGO Sign's design team meticulously crafted a deepening plan for the strategic placement of signage throughout the CROWNE PLAZA hotel. Considering factors such as power lines and architectural layout, this one-month planning phase set the foundation for the project's success. Subsequently, the design team spent an additional two months on the deepening design process for all signage and brand logos, ensuring precision and alignment with the hotel's vision.

Production of Distinctive Signage:

The ZIGO Sign production team then embarked on a five-month journey to bring the designs to life, producing a remarkable 5986 signs and the Tower Crown brand logo, an impressive structure measuring 22765mm by 5683mm. This intricate process attested to the team's commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Seamless Installation Process:

Upon arriving at the CROWNE PLAZA hotel site, the ZIGO Sign construction team collaborated closely with the hotel management to confirm installation points and reserved potentials. The meticulous execution of the installation process took a swift two months, aligning precisely with the designated positions outlined in the approved design drawings.

In conclusion, the CROWNE PLAZA hotel project stands as a testament to the collaboration between ZIGO Sign and the visionaries behind this esteemed establishment. The harmonious integration of design, production, and installation has resulted in a distinctive landmark that not only enhances the architectural landscape but also elevates the brand presence of CROWNE PLAZA in Taiyuan City.