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Project name:The Westin(international Five-star hotel)

Service content:deepening design,production,installation

Brand LOGO size:26600mm*5700mm

Brand LOGO weight:2724KG

The entire project cycle:5 months

Deepening the design cycle:2 months

Production cycle:2 months

Installation cycle: 1 months

Westin Hotel Changsha, an international five-star establishment situated in the elevated expanse of the Huachuang Financial Center, stands as a pinnacle of luxury and sophistication. Located just 300 meters away from Changsha Huachuang International Plaza at No. 109, Section 1, Furong Middle Road, Kaifu District, this opulent hotel seamlessly integrates guest rooms, dining, entertainment, business facilities, and leisure amenities.

Comprising over 300 guest rooms, executive floors, presidential suites, top-tier specialty restaurants, expansive pillarless banquet halls, multiple international standard multi-functional conference rooms, fitness centers, and a spacious thermostatic swimming pool, The Westin Hotel Changsha offers a comprehensive and indulgent experience for its discerning guests.

ZIGO sign, renowned for its expertise in deepening design, production, and installation, played a pivotal role in enhancing the visual identity of The Westin. The entire project, spanning 5 months, commenced with a meticulous deepening plan for the placement of the towering Brand Logo on the hotel's top floor. This comprehensive plan, completed in half a month, laid the foundation for the subsequent design and production phases.

The deepening design phase, lasting 2 months, saw ZIGO sign's designers intricately adjusting the bevel, width, and length of the Brand Logo to ensure optimal visual impact from various angles. This commitment to perfection resulted in a logo that captivates observers with its brilliance and aesthetic appeal.

Upon securing approval from The Westin's responsible personnel, the ZIGO sign production team embarked on a 2-month journey to craft the Tower Crown Brand Logo. Measuring an impressive 26600mm by 5700mm and weighing 2724KG, the logo underwent a meticulous four-layer process, addressing considerations of waterproofing, brightness, hardness, and lacquer surface treatment to achieve the highest quality standards.

The culmination of the project took place during the 1-month installation phase, where the ZIGO sign construction team collaborated closely with The Westin's management to confirm installation points and potential reserves. Adhering precisely to the designated positions outlined in the design drawings, the construction team flawlessly installed the Tower Crown Brand Logo, elevating the visual appeal of The Westin Hotel Changsha to new heights.

The result is a seamless integration of ZIGO sign's expertise with The Westin's commitment to luxury, creating an iconic visual identity that resonates with the hotel's status as a distinguished international five-star destination.