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Project name:GRAND HYATT(international Five-star hotel)

Hotel area:200000 square meters

Room Number:262

Service content:deepening design,production,installation

Number of signboards:9623

The entire project cycle:12 months

Deepening the design cycle:months

Production cycle: 4 months

Installation cycle: 2 months

In a remarkable feat of precision and dedication, ZIGO Sign has left an indelible mark on the landscape of the Shenzhou Peninsula with its involvement in the prestigious Grand Hyatt project. The Grand Hyatt Hotel, spanning an impressive 200,000 square meters and comprising 262 luxurious townhouse suites, stands as a testament to architectural elegance and opulence.

The Grand Hyatt Project Journey

As the first pure villa hotel in the Hyatt Asia Pacific region, the Grand Hyatt demanded a level of excellence in its signage that matched its grandeur. ZIGO Sign proudly took on the responsibility of designing, producing, and installing the hotel's logo, a project that encompassed a comprehensive 12-month timeline.

1. Deepening Design: ZIGO Sign's meticulous approach began with a deepening plan for signage placement across all areas of the Grand Hyatt, considering power lines and architectural layout. This comprehensive plan took 1 month to complete.

2. Design Production: Following the deepening plan, the design team immediately delved into the process, materials, and styles for all signage. The intricate deepening design for confirmed placement points took an additional 5 months.

3. Production: With the design approved by Grand Hyatt, ZIGO Sign's production team embarked on a four-month journey to meticulously craft 9,623 signs, ensuring each met the highest standards of quality.

4. Installation: ZIGO Sign's construction team collaborated closely with Grand Hyatt's management to confirm installation points and potentials. The final installation, executed with precision, was completed in a swift 2 months.

About ZIGO Sign

ZIGO Sign stands as one of the leading enterprises in mainland China, specializing in the design and manufacturing of "guidance signs." The company's expertise extends to diverse building projects, including hotels, hospitals, schools, real estate, business centers, parks, churches, and more. ZIGO Sign's commitment to excellence and precision shines through in each project it undertakes, reaffirming its position as a trusted name in the industry.

As the Grand Hyatt project stands proudly on the Shenzhou Peninsula, it symbolizes not only architectural grandeur but also the mastery of the ZIGO Sign in turning visions into reality through meticulous design and impeccable execution.